Zoetic Photography | Newborn Photo Shoot : Baby Landen

Newborn Photo Shoot : Baby Landen

September 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

Another beautiful newborn shoot! Heather and Sean brought their new addition, little Landen, to the studio to photograph this really special time...


One of the very first photographs of Landen we snapped caught his big blue eyes looking directly at the camera!


We captured this incredibly peaceful moment that turned out beautifully:

We love this image of Landen chilling like a little king!

This last shot of the day took some team work! Sean was a great sport and got right in there, holding on to the scarves that lifted Landen into photographic history =)

Congratulations to Heather and Sean! We hope these images will help them forever remember this incredibly special time in their lives...



Claudia Rueb (Grandma - Sean's mom)(non-registered)
I have never seen more beautiful newborn photos than those that you took for our little Landen. A lot of people said they were the most amazing photos of a baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving us a chance to share this special time in Sean & Heather's life through photos.
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