Zoetic Photography | What Goes Into a Newborn Session: Emerson Luna

What Goes Into a Newborn Session: Emerson Luna

January 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Our last newborn session was with an adorable little baby girl named Emerson Luna and her adoring parents. This has become one of our favorite galleries to date - but before you see some of the photographs from the shoot, here is a behind-the-scenes rundown about what goes into setting up for a newborn photography session:


-First, Lindsey creates unique headbands/hats specifically for the upcoming shoot.

-The evening before the session, the studio is fully cleaned and sanitized to protect the baby.

-Then, colors and wraps are chosen and combined with backdrops, baskets, and headbands/hats and put in the order we want to shoot.

-The day of the shoot, we put the coffee on, get the couch ready to be chilled on, and throw HGTV on in the background. These sessions are a time for the parents to relax and hang out while magic is being created in our studio, and we want to make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable and ready for the next few hours of quiet time =)

-Meanwhile, the studio is being heated up to a toasty 80 degrees to encourage happy, cozy, sleepy babies.

-When parents arrive, we get to meet the baby and hear about birth stories and how the first days of parenthood have been treating them. This is a time to really get the vibe of the parents and create a bond as we prepare to photograph the family together.

-After making sure the baby is fed, burped, changed and sleepy enough to pose, we get started!


And this session was no different! We liked this family right away. They came to us via Tree of Life Birth Center, where our photographs are displayed on their walls. They had very positive things to say about Tree of Life and we are so thankful that they feature our art! It had been a looooooong previous night for them, as little Emerson didn't feel like sleep was something she needed... so needless to say, they were tired but ready to capture the brand new family unit:

After a great session with all 3, we moved on to the newborn portion of the shoot! We quickly found that Emerson was perfectly happy, comfortable, and willing to sleep - as long as she was being held. The minute anyone put her down, she wasn't having it! After a few feedings and numerous sleep-inducing tricks, we were able to get these GORGEOUS photographs that we absolutely LOVE:

Here's a look at Lindsey in action, creating beauty:

Mom really wanted to incorporate this stylin' poncho into the shoot, so after Emerson had quite enough of not being held, we decided to roll with her mood and grab this memorable shot of mommy and daughter:

We really enjoyed working with this family and this gallery has become one of our favorites we have created. We are so grateful they chose us for the great honor of documenting their brand new family =)



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