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Baby Mikayla

March 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This beautiful family came into our home studio to celebrate the arrival of baby Mikayla! After settling in and making sure Mikayla was extra sleepy, we started with the whole family. This photograph perfectly displays the love and adoration mom and dad have for their beautiful baby girl:

​Look at this gorgeous baby!

Mom and dad wanted to show off their little angle, so they brought in these wings:

We really wanted to capture this cocoon pose, so we had dad help us out in order to get the composite shot. With some clever hand positioning and some Photoshop magic, it worked out perfectly =)

This gorgeous basket setup was one of the last shots we got from the session. We took a break and tried to wait for Mikayla to fall asleep again. Dad was rocking her in the basket for quite a while, but Mikayla was just not feeling sleepy anymore! We decided to go with it and just start shooting. It turned out to be one of our absolute favorites!!

This was a really great session with a wonderful family, and we feel lucky to be the photographers that documented this beautiful stage of life for little Mikayla!


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