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Meet Miranda!

April 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The ideal time to photograph a newborn is typically in the first two weeks after birth. This is when they are at their sleepiest and most flexible, which makes them much easier to pose and wrap. We were contacted by a family who loved the look and style of our newborn photography, but their baby was now 11 weeks old! They had intended to schedule a photography session much earlier, but their little girl became very ill and they had to put it off =( So we eagerly accepted the challenge! We knew it would be very difficult to accomplish a true newborn session because at 11 weeks, babies are not only much larger and less flexible, but they're also much more alert and awake for long periods of times. So we decided the best approach would be to style the session using newborn setups, but capture the baby engaging with the camera and her surroundings in a way newborns do not do yet.


Meet Miranda! This is her loving family:


Miranda has a very sweet big brother who had fun posing for this beautiful sibling photograph:

Miranda was so expressive and happy!

But she also had adorable sleepy stretches that gave us the chance to bundle her up and photograph her peaceful beauty:

It takes a village to raise a child and this photograph perfectly captures that reality ;)

It was a great opportunity to provide this family with a newborn session (even though little Miranda was not technically a newborn)! We're so happy she's finally back to optimal health and now the family has a gallery of gorgeous images that celebrate Miranda's arrival to the world =)


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