Zoetic Photography | Addison and Malia: A Tale of Two Twins!

Addison and Malia: A Tale of Two Twins!

July 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We're so happy we finally got our chance to work with twins! It's tricky enough getting one baby to do what you want so we weren't entirely sure what to expect, but these beautiful girls were such a joy to work with =)

Meet Addison:

​And this is Malia:

​Before we met the girls, we were thinking it might be hard to tell them apart - but that was not the case at all! Not only is Addison quite a bit bigger than Malia, but she also has more hair so it was very easy to know who was who =) Look how beautiful they are all wrapped up and cuddling together:

​The girls were both so sleepy and cozy together that we were able to get these gorgeous poses:

​We finished the session with this beautiful basket set up:

We had such a great session with these girls, and we're so thankful our first twin experience was such a success! It's incredible to think that Addison and Malia will always have these photographs to look back on and see their beautiful and amazing first days of life. In the meantime, their family will have this stunning gallery to cherish as they welcome their gorgeous girls into the world =)


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