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Family Vacation in San Diego

August 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We were recently contacted by a family from Iowa who were going to be having their first big family vacation and San Diego was going to be the destination! They wanted to capture the beauty of the ocean and the West Coast, so we took them to our favorite beach spot and photographed some gorgeous, memorable moments =)

Sunsets at the beach can be the most beautiful natural art with the moving reflections left behind by receding waves... It creates the perfect environment for a family to enjoy time together while appreciating their surroundings. This makes for good family photography!

These proud parents loved seeing the joy on their daughter's face as we snapped away, grabbing the photographs we needed to create portraits that would preserve these memories:

It was so much fun to see this little girl experiencing San Diego's beach for the first time!

This session was another opportunity to see that being a photographer is such an amazing way to use art as an effective service which contributes to the story of a family. Blending art and commerce is so often a point of contention and it's hard for artists to get to a place where they feel good about charging money for their creations. But photography is a unique venture that blurs the lines between creator and subject, and so tangibly and immediately benefits both. It's a privilege to work in an industry that has such emotional impact and value, where the more love and care you pour into the work, the more meaningful and important the end result is to those seeking the visual reminder of a time and place in their lives...


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