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Remy's Arrival

August 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We recently had the distinct pleasure of photographing baby Remy and his wonderful parents who were very proud of their brand new bundle of joy! This family went with our Essential Collection package, which includes photographs with the family in addition to the solo classic newborn photography we love so much. We started out with the family portion of the session:

Both of Remy's parents are physicians and are enjoying their time off to spend with their baby boy! Here's Remy with his proud dad:

We love this gorgeous shot of a mother with her newborn son:

Then it was on to the newborn portion of the session! Dad settled in to take a nap on our couch, while Mom got to catch up on some TV, and we got to work. Parents really seem to appreciate the much-needed break they get while they're with us. They get to relax and know that we are doing what we do and taking the time it takes to get the shots we need. 

We loved this smiley shot we got of baby Remy. Such a great moment =) What do you think makes a newborn baby smile? Is it just biological comfort? Is it a memory? A dream? Whatever it is, there are few things that can bring as much pure joy to loved ones as a happy newborn, beaming with love...


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