How do we prepare for a newborn shoot?

Sleepy, well-fed babies are the easiest to wrap, pose, and photograph. Try to keep your baby awake a couple hours before the shoot with a large feeding right before the session. These shoots take a lot of time and patience with frequent feeding and changing breaks, so pack plenty of diapers and milk or formula.


What should we wear to our photo session?

When it comes to clothing, carefully consider what you all wear. Matching isn’t the goal - coordination is! Similar styles and colors look good. For instance, if you want an overall soft and elegant look, stick with creams, soft pastels, light browns and tans, grays, and slate blues. For outdoor locations, reds and blues really stand out and look nice in rustic environments, because it will make you stand out from the background. Wearing all white or all black can cause loss of detail. Be careful with overdoing patterns - if everyone is wearing different patterns, they can conflict and contrast. Solid colors are best! Graphic T’s or shirts with characters on them are generally not a good idea. Accessories like hats, ties, scarves, belts, and necklaces add interest and textures that elevate the pictures for family sessions. For newborn photos that include family and maternity sessions, minimizing accessories is best to keep things natural and simple. 


Can we do a themed newborn session or bring in our own outfits for you to photograph?

When choosing a newborn photographer, it’s important to choose one that reflects the style, feel, emotion and look you are interested in. We pride ourselves on creating photographic art featuring your baby and we have a definite style that we like to describe as soft, natural, and timeless. We have acquired many wraps, backdrops, headbands, etc that were all chosen because they photograph beautifully and display your baby well.  We are “less is more” photographers and tend to photograph babies in a simple wrap or wearing nothing at all. A lot of newborn outfits that people purchase simply don’t photograph well, so we ask that you don’t bring in outside outfits and allow us to provide everything you need for the shoot. We can sometimes accommodate sentimental items, e.g. a blanket your mom made for the baby, a wedding heirloom, etc, but please don’t bring in outside props or clothing. 


Can we have all of the unedited photos from our session?

It is the policy of Zoetic Photography not to distribute RAW, unedited photographs. Every photograph delivered has been treated like a work of art and received a lot of careful consideration and attention to every detail. Each image is edited, retouched, and processed to ensure the quality that meets our standards. Many people think when hiring a photographer, they are buying photographs. But what you’re actually paying for is the time, talent, equipment, skill, discerning eye, and taste of the photographer. Hiring a photographer based on a portfolio that you appreciate means you are entrusting them to provide you with a gallery of the very best photographs from your session.


Why is it you click so many shots, but I only get 'x' number of images after my session?  Do I get to see all of my images from my session to select which ones you retouch?

The short answer to that is no.

Your photographs are captured in a RAW format. After the shoot, we handpick the best images from the session and work with each selection to bring it to its full potential. These final images are then presented to you in a stunning personalized gallery.

When hiring a professional photographer, part of what clients are paying for is for the photographer to take the responsibility of eliminating the test shots, eye blinks, repetitions, and bad shots. Clients are presented with a complete gallery of images that are the best of the best, from both the technical aspects (lighting, focus, composition, etc.) and the aesthetic perspective (expression, emotionality, position, etc.). Remember, the photographer wants you AND the photo to look great, and they are keeping that in mind with every critical selection. Sometimes it just may take 15 clicks of the camera and adjusting between every shot to finally achieve the one photo we had in mind. All of those shots leading up to the one we choose were working out the issues in order to achieve the final shot we proudly hand over to you.

The best photographers spend a good amount of time and energy ensuring that each individual image they present reaches its full potential. It takes a lot of time to narrow down a final group of images, adjust colors, eliminate distracting elements, retouch subjects, format the files, and upload the gallery, so remember that it’s AFTER the actual photo session that the majority of work happens for the photographer. All of this is done to ensure that you are receiving the very best of the best! It’s in the photographer’s best interest to only put our name on something we think meets all of the high standards you deserve.


Can I bring other people to my newborn session like my cousin, my sister, and both sets of grandparents?

Don’t get us wrong. We love family and that’s why we devote our art to it. BUT newborn sessions tend to be long, tedious, and the fewer the people, the better. Babies can respond to different people’s energy and if the surroundings are bustling with lots of people, it doesn’t help your little one relax into the sleepy state we need. We ask that only the people that plan to be photographed in the shoot or are absolutely essential, attend the session. 


What precautions do you take to ensure that my baby is safe?

You can rest assured that we are up to date with our immunizations (whooping cough in particular), pre-clean our wraps and backdrops, and make sure we have clean hands when photographing newborns. Lindsey is a certified nurse practitioner, so your baby will be in the hands of a medical professional. 


My due date can change, are you able to accommodate changing the session date?

ABSOLUTELY. We purposely only book a certain amount of sessions/week in order to ensure that we can accommodate unpredictable due dates and still get you in within the ideal time frame. We do ask that you notify us within 72 hours of your baby being born, so that we can either confirm the date already set or adjust accordingly. 


Why do my photos look blurry when I post them on social media?

We have found that clients take screen shots of their photos instead of downloading their files and then uploading them to their social media accounts the proper way. When you take a screen shot of a file, your phone will compress the image and then Facebook/Instagram will further compress it when you post it. This will degrade the quality of your images and make them blurry. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. If you have trouble with the process, please contact us. We can help. 


What options do I have for printing my photographs?

We work with the highest quality print labs to provide a variety of beautiful print products. Printing with Zoetic Photography ensures that all prints have been evaluated and prepared for any color correction, cropping, or adjustments that need to be made to the photograph in order to fit the format of the print product.

*Zoetic Photography cannot guarantee the quality of any outside lab, however, clients of course have the option to print with whomever they choose.